Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a Car from Tynan Subaru Sutherland

Why buy from Tynan Subaru Sutherland?
Where does Tynan Subaru Sutherland source the vehicles?

The journey

What payment methods are available?
How can I organise delivery?
Who do I contact if there are issues with my delivery?
What if the vehicle is damaged, who do I contact?
Is it insured when being transported?
Do you deliver out of business hours?
Can I have it delivered to my place of work?
How long can I reserve a vehicle?
Who pays for the cost if I want to return the vehicle?
Can I download and email the car history report?
How do I contact roadside assist?
What is included in the free protection plan?
Can I test drive the car?
Do you offer finance or vehicles loans?
Can I get car insurance through Tynan Subaru Sutherland?
Do you offer commercial loans?
What is a credit score?


Where can I find more information about returning my vehicles
Is there a limit on kms the vehicle has travelled in the 14 days?
What if I have finance on the vehicle?
Does the return policy apply to commercial vehicles?
Who do I contact to return the vehicle?
Are there any fees and charges to return the vehicle?
Do I get my registration and stamp duty costs back?
Can I exchange the vehicle instead of receiving a refund?
How long does it take to receive a refund?
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